Spanish Lakes Fairways
Thanks to many volunteers, including the Board of Directors, certainly the HOA is a viable organization and deserves the support of all residents of the Fairways. 

     This Organization was founded under Florida State Statute 723, presently the HOA membership is open to all homeowners living in Spanish Lakes Fairways. All homeowners enjoy the benefits of the actions and interventions with the Wynne Building Corporation performed by this organization, please support us by becoming a member. 
     With the cooperation of the Wynne Building Corporation and Spanish Lakes Fairways clubs, this Homeowner's Association acts for the good of the entire community at all times. Here are some of the accomplishments of the association over the past several years. Surely, not everything is listed, but the majority of major accomplishments are:
As reported by George Hottum regarding accomplishments a few years ago:
achieved "not-for-profit" status.
has a million dollar insurance policy covering all HOA activities
through Outreach, donated thousands of dollars to local charities
organized the canteen (now known as the Poolside Grill)
organized a "security committee" -- volunteers who drive their own cars and are not paid to protect our community
designed and built bridges on the golf course
designed, purchased and installed the sound system and updated the system in the clubhouse
the Video Cub was organized and is manned by HOA members
library was organized and is manned by HOA volunteers 
the Florida State Truck Weigh Station project adjacent to the Fairways on I-95 defeated with the help of HOA members
rest rooms and electric provided on the golf course
player protection covers were installed at the shuffleboard courts
benches provided on the shuffleboard courts
protective covers on the bocci courts
water coolers on the golf course
water coolers on the shuffleboard and tennis courts
built 3rd bocci court
built horseshoe pits
provided tiki hut on golf course
published 5th and 10th year Pictorial Directories
publishes HOA Monthly Newsletter
trophy case built by HOA volunteers
backdrop curtains in the auditorium were purchased
card tables for the Longevity Room were purchased
padded chairs for the auditorium were purchased
purchased round tables
purchased table cloths for the round and long tables
outside speakers installed by the pool area
more shade trees were planted on the golf course
new umbrellas were installed at the resident pool
ceiling fans were installed in the screened areas
canteen grill area covered and screened
HOA member designed and constructed Las Vegas equipment
lights were installed at clubhouse flagpole
protective covers were purchased for the pool tables
golf cart parking spaces were established
floodlights were installed at the tennis courts
holiday decorations purchased and installed
new stage lights installed for programs held in the auditorium
Emergency Exit established
Woodshop equipment installed by HOA members
purchased new shed for tennis
storage sheds for Clubs and Committees
purchased and replaced equipment for Poolside Grill
maintained aqua range

Accomplishments provided by Dick Hochella on behalf of the Board of Directors 2005-2007:
compliance and protection for mobile/manufactured homeowners under Florida State Statute 723.075
the HOA works with ALL homeowners concerning their rights and obligations as homeowners in Spanish Lakes Fairways
petition forwarded to Florida State for the I-95 sound barrier wall alongside Spanish Lakes Fairways; sound wall completed 
continues to maintain insurance covering board members and volunteers
supports the Color Guard, Outreach Charity Club, C.O.P. and clubs formed under the HOA Association 
continues to support the Poolside Grill volunteers and maintain equipment at the Grill
purchased electric grill for Poolside Grill
purchased stainless steel gas grill for Poolside Grill
purchased new chairs for the Poolside Grill pool area
continues to maintain the PA sound system for the pool area
purchased and installed new speakers for the PA system 
provided availability of new vending machines in the clubhouse
continues to provide a monthly Newsletter
continues to provide daily coverage of park activities and information through the Spanish Lakes Fairways website
maintains an inventory of HOA-owned properties
the HOA is presently monitoring the Indrio Trust / Lennar development to see that it does not infringe upon the present lifestyle of this community
board members attend monthly Board of Directors' meetings and General Meetings to determine the desires of the homeowners. They also act as the liaison between the membership and the Wynne Building Corporation as well as other Florida State organizations.
board members attend FMO meetings to learn what the legislature is proposing to do concerning our rights under the Florida State statutes so they can report to the community the actions of the FMO and the legislators of this State.
purchased and installed new flag

The time and talents of the hundreds of volunteers in this community make this lifestyle possible for all to enjoy. You are invited to contact the Board of Directors to discuss any projects or to offer suggestions. 
The monthly Board of Directors' meeting is held the third ThursdayY of each month at 7:00p.m. in the Pow-Wow Room. 
The General HOA meeting is the last Wednesday of the month at 7:00 p.m