Rules & Regulations
Section 1 – Standing Committees
A. The following Standing Committees shall be appointed by the President promptly after his/her election, each of which will be headed by a Chairperson appointed by the President and a majority of the Board, or approved by the President and a majority of the Board.   Board members may only serve as liaison to any committee, (except the Financial Committee).   Members of the Board, where designated can be ex-officio members of the committees.
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Acquisition Communications Activities Emergency Preparednesss Outreach Audit Committee Financial Bereavement FMO Publications By-Laws and Legal Historian Sergeant-at-Arms
Canteen Insurance Sunshine Committee
B. All committee chairpersons shall hold office until the next Annual Meeting or until their successors shall be appointed.  All Committee Chairpersons must be HOA members
C. All Standing Committees and Special Committees shall keep the Board up-to-date in their special field of operations and responsibilities.
D. All records, past and present, must be turned over to the newly selected Chairperson, by the outgoing Chairperson, for all Standing Committees, within seven (7) days of the new selection.
E. Guidelines for Ticket Sales:
1. The number of tickets allowed to be purchased by one person will be four (4) tickets provided that the person shows a badge representing the purchase of two (2) tickets and another name badge representing the purchase of two (2) tickets. (total tickets to one person is four (4) tickets with two (2) non-matching name badges)
2. Prior to selling tickets, permission must be given by the Desk and all tickets sold on those dates will be sold between the hours of 8:30AM and 12:00 Noon.
3. A copy of the ticket sales procedure will be available for review, as well as being posted on ticket sales dates, for all persons purchasing tickets to review and it will also become part of the HOA’s Policies and Procedures.
This committee shall act as the Board’s principle fact finder to obtain data and information that will enable the HOA Board and members to make intelligent decisions in connection with the acquisition of the Park, should it be necessary.
A. It shall be the duty of this committee to initiate and carry to conclusion an annual program of activities, functions and entertainment for the HOA Board subject to prior approval of the Board.
B. This committee shall be required to keep an accurate record of all receipts and expenditures incident to its programs and furnish a complete, itemized report of each social function to the Treasurer.
C. All monies, from HOA clubs, shall be turned in to the Treasurer within seven (7) three (3 days of receipt.
D. Any advance funds required by this committee for any social function of the Association shall be appropriated out of the Association’s treasure only with prior approval of the Board.
Auditing Committee
A. This committee shall consist of three (3) or more members (none of whom shall be members of the Board).   In the absence of such appointment, the Board shall retain an Auditor.
B. It shall be the function of the Auditing Committee or Auditor to audit the HOA Books of Accounts, the Recreation Fund, and all clubs and committees that are on the list submitted to the Auditing Committee, or Auditor, prior to the Annual Meeting.   The Auditing Committee, or Auditor, will supply standardized forms for clubs and committees to use to record their income and expenses.
C. In addition, The Auditing Committee, or Treasurer, shall be responsible for training club and committee heads on how to use these forms.
To aid and comfort those who have lost friends and family and assisting with any memorial functions requested by the family.
By-Laws & Legal
A. This committee shall be comprised of a minimum of five (5) members.
B. It shall be the function of this committee to review all proposed changes to the By-laws, which have been submitted to the Board as prescribed in accordance with Article VII to insure conformity with all the By-Laws and with Chapter 617 and 723 of the State of Florida Statutes.
(Statutes & Constitution :View Statutes :->2005->Chapter 723 :  
(Statutes & Constitution :View Statutes : ->2005->Chapter 617
C. After ensuring that no opposition exists with the proposed amendment, the committee will submit the proposed amendment to the Board for presentation to the membership.
D. This committee will assist the Board and the Association generally on all questions of legality of operation and administration of Association business, for interpreting the provisions of the Association By-Laws.   All activities of this committee shall be for the purpose of protecting the Association’s interests.
The Chairperson/Manager shall be responsible for the operation of the Canteen that includes; the practice of cleanliness of operation, fair pricing, menu selection, food and supply purchasing, staffing of and instructing volunteers, accountability, and the everyday requirements necessary to maintain a not-for-profit Canteen operation.
Emergency Preparedness/Communications
A. This committee shall be headed by the Chairperson of Emergency Preparedness/Communications and shall consist of as many members as he\she determine necessary to carry out the functions of this committee.
B. It shall be the function of this committee to organize and act as liaison to the Safety and Awareness Committee and to coordinate the activities of the Block Captains and the Safety and Awareness Committees.   andIn addition, to assist other committees as needed in communications problems that may exist or shall arise in the future.
Emergency Preparedness
A. This committee shall be headed by the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and shall consist of as many members as he/she shall determine necessary to carry out the functions of this committee.
B. This committee shall work in conjunction with management on matters concerning emergency preparedness.
C. Emergencies may include, but not be limited to, hurricanes, power outages, security problems, water outages, telephone outages, etc.
A. This committee shall be comprised of at least three (3) members, two (2) of whom shall be the Treasurer and the 1st Vice President.
B. The function of this committee shall be:
1. To determine the Association’s financial status.
2. To review committee budgets.
3. To review club budgets
4. To act as liaison between Lender and Accountants who may be used in connection with the purchase of the Park, should it become necessary.
5. To prepare the Annual Proposed Budget of the Association for submission to the Board by January 1st and to amend the budget as directed by the Board and the membership.
The Budget shall contain the anticipated income or revenue of the Association for the Calendar Year, and in addition, shall contain the anticipated income and revenue of each committee and club under the auspices of the Association.   It also shall contain the proposed expenses and expenditures of the Association for the Calendar Year and the proposed expenses and expenditures of each committee and club under the auspices of the Association.   Any expenses or expenditures for five hundred dollars ($500.00) or more shall be listed as a separate line item on the proposed budget.
A. This committee shall be a Standing Committee and shall be headed by a Chairperson.
B. The duties of this committee shall be to provide liaison with the Federation of Manufactured Home Owners of Florida, Inc. (herein to be called FMO) and to keep the residents advised of pending legislation which may be helpful or harmful to the mobile home community.
C. It shall be the duty of this committee to keep the residents aware of the benefits derived from membership in the FMO and to collect dues, when necessary, for transmittal to the FMO with applications.
The function of this committee shall be to keep photographs, videos, documents, biographical records and other pertinent information relative to preserving information on the history of Spanish Lakes Fairways.
The function of this committee is to solicit bids from insurance companies; to review said bids and to assure that the Homeowner’s Association has the best coverage for the premium involved.   To make recommendations to the Board of Directors as to the various coverage’s that might be required.
Membership Committee
A. The objective of this committee is to increase the membership in the HOA on a year-to-year basis.   The committee can research the annual membership records of the HOA and urge members to renew their membership.   They may also do promotions to promote increases in membership as long as it is done within the bounds of our Rules and Regulations, Policies and Procedures, and By-Laws of the HOA.
The function of this committee is to raise money through sales and special projects and to collect food, clothing and household goods, all of which are turned over to reputable charities that serve the needy in our area.
A. This committee shall be a Standing Committee and shall be headed by an Editor.
B. A final copy of the Newsletter must be submitted to the President or proof reader for review before publication.
To be appointed by the President after his/her election.  The Sergeant-at-Arms shall hold his/her office until the next annual meeting or until a successor shall be appointed.   He/She shall determine if a quorum is present at all general and annual membership meetings and assist in keeping order if so directed.
Sunshine Committee
This committee sends out cards to those who are ill or have been in the hospital.   The committee also gives the names of those persons to the HOA President so they can be acknowledged at the membership meeting each month.
Revised January 1, 2016
The purpose of the Clubs and Committees establishing their own bank account, naming treasurers, collecting their own dues, and in general, acting with more autonomy (as approved by the Board of Directors of the Homeowners Association) is to further promote the general good and welfare of their members.  However, in establishing Clubs and Committees in this manner, certain policies and procedures must be implemented and adhered to, to insure that the intention of this policy is maintained and that the desired benefits are realized by the Clubs and Committees and as an extension to the Association.
I – A checking account is to be established by the Treasurer of any Club or Committee having funds in excess of two hundred dollars ($200.00).  The Association presently uses TD Bank, Feeder Road Branch.  It is suggested that Clubs and Committees use this bank.  If so, an approval letter addressed to the TD Bank, signed by the Association Treasurer is required.  A minimum of one hundred dollars ($100.00) is required to open an account.  There will be a charge for a supply of checks but there will be NO service fees.  Each Club or Committee will have its own account number.  The mailing address shall be that of the Club or Committee Treasurer.  Checks must be imprinted with “Spanish Lakes Fairways Homeowners Association, Inc.” “CLUB or COMMITTEE” (2 or 3 lines)
II – The account requires a signature card with four (4) approved check signers.  Each check issued must have two (2) signatures.
III – If a Club or Committee collects dues, a record must be kept listing each member, amount paid and the period of time the membership is in effect (i.e.. January 1st to December 31st).  Any monies raised by an Association Club or Committee through dues may be kept by the Club or Committee and used as it sees fit.
IV – A program has been instituted where each Club or Committee may retain all except ten percent (10%) of ticket sales after the deduction of state sales tax and any food cost served as a dinner  of any Fund Raiser sponsored under the auspices of the Association.  All income earned outside of Fairways shall be retained by the Club or Committee.
V – In general, the funds of any Club or Committee retained under III or IV may be used for social activities such as year-end parties, prizes, trophies, etc.  It’s not to purchase any item or service that comes under the Park Improvement Committee (PIC) {See Park Improvement Procedures under Rules and Regulations}.  It can be used for the purchase of Capital Improvements under $500.00 as long as the Board is notified and management has approved.
VI – A financial report, including receipts, expenses and profit or loss, is to be submitted for fund-raisers to the Association Treasurer within seven (7) days from the date of the event and/or the date monies are received.  All financial reports are to be submitted on a standardized form supplied by the auditing committee.
VII – Each Club or Committee may be advanced a maximum of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) from the Association Treasurer as seed money when sponsoring an Association Community Fund Raiser, but with an expectation for repayment from profits.  Any request in excess of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) must be submitted to the Board of Directors.
VIII – Each club or committee under the auspices of the Association must be audited annually on a calendar year basis by a Board appointed Auditor or Auditing Committee and may be audited at anytime the Board requests an audit.  The audit reports will be submitted to the Board when the audit is completed.
IX – The Association’s Board of Directors shall be available for help, guidance, and instruction at all times.
X – Since these Policies and Procedures are concerned with receiving and disbursing funds, the Club or Committee Treasurer’s duties shall be to receive and disburse all funds of the Club, or Committee; deposit all funds received within three (3) working days; keep accurate and customary records of all receipts, disbursements and new balance on hand.  The Club Treasurer must also prepare all records requested by the Audit Committee for auditing purposes (see VIII above.)
Revised January 1, 2016
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