All homeowners are encouraged to become active members of the Homeowner's Association (HOA). We serve coffee and donuts after most meetings. The greater the number of residents who are members, the more effective the Association can be in representing and protecting the views and interests of all the homeowners.

The HOA through the Board of Directors, acts as liaison with Fairways management in implementing needed improvements. The HOA is also the principle contact of communications with outside organizations.  Proposals, ideas and/or suggestions by members for the betterment of the community in any way can be referred to the HOA or Park Improvement Committee (P.I.C.) for investigation and action.

All members are encouraged to run for the HOA Board positions or let it be known to any Board member that you have an interest in serving on one of the many committees where you feel you could make a contribution to Fairways.

In conjunction with management, the HOA develops and directs the emergency preparedness policies and procedures in the event of emergency or disaster